We pride ourselves in providing solutions for the broad range of industries we automate. This experience allows us to provide a wide selection of solutions to our customers that have been successfully implemented in the past. This allows our customers to benefit from our experience and continue to lead in the automation spectrum of their company.

The need for operator interfaces, HMI, and other visual solutions are as diverse as the applications that are required by our customers. "ICT" can assist you in discovering the most suitable solution for your application through the use of operator interface products. We can provide solutions for several needed applications such as:

  • low end displays and message centers;
  • touchscreen panels;
  • high end operator interfaces, including those with integral control or bundled software.


We will assist you in finding the solution that is most suitable and efficient for your company’s application.   Further, we can assist you in locating the operator interface products that best suit your needs.

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