PLC’s (Programmable Ladder Logic Controllers) are a way in which industries use automation for their facility. These versatile controllers are used to automate equipment from large manufacturing plants to small bakery ovens.
Ladder logic is a language that looks and acts like an electrical ladder diagram. "ICT" can program in sophisticated or simple applications depending on our customers requirements. Ladder logic is the only self-documenting graphical language and one of the best ways for one-of-a-kind applications to be implemented. We call Ladder logic a self-documenting language because when the application is complete, we can supply our customers with a print out that a plant electrician can read and understand!  It uses the same graphical representation that electricians call ladder diagrams with the same type of symbols.
A PLC is an automation controller, not a computer optimized for general-purpose duties, that is implemented to run key operations.  PLC’s have simple and robust operating systems and keep applications working safely and smoothly.

"ICT" can develop and refine a Programmable Logic Controller based on working closely with you, our customer, to understand your needs and requirements. From small scale distributed controls to robust, powerful standalone controllers, you will discover that our years of expertise and experience will allow you to develop a control system for your individual application.

As we strive to lead the way in control based systems, you will find our solutions for your application, becoming not only more powerful and versatile, but more valuable as well. Value derived by integrating your application for your business into a "ICT" programmed PLC that meets your needs and objectives.

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